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Anodizing Disclaimer

Your rims may not match the colors shown on our website when completed.
The colors shown are for reference only.
Different metals produce different colors.
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Due to a Bad Fall (see Picture),
we'll be closed until Aug. 1, 2020
(I know... major bummer.)
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Why trust your wheels to a shop that tries
 to do everything?
We specialize in
Wheels ONLY,
and we return a quality second to none.
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             We use the following steps in our
                         anodizing process:

We disassemble the wheel and inspect rims for
     cracks or defects. Cracked rims can't be used. 
Strip off old anodizing.  
3. Anodizing in the color of your choice. 


 RTR Precision Wheel Lacing can convert your present wheels to Supermoto wheels using your stock hubs.  We use only Excel rims or Behr rims and Buchanan heavy duty spokes in the conversion of your wheels. 

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